Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a satanic game that only Pagans, Satanists, and Wiccans play… Or so they thought in the 1980’s.It’s taken nearly 30 years for people to *MOSTLY* realize that it’s not a satanic game or a spellbook of pure evil but yet people still believe it as so. I’ve been doing quite a bit of studying around it and it seems that most of it come from hardcore Christians and  Evangelicals. I’ve been playing D&D since I was 8 and in no way has it adversely affected me, I’m an A-B student, part of Student Council, and the Editor of the school paper, and in most parts D&D has helped me with this. For example, take the many spelling bees’s I was part of, what kid would know how to spell drudgery on a whim? This one that’s who. Anyways a quote from one of my favorite people addressing this issue is “Somebody said they threw their copy of Dungeons and Dragons into the fire, and it screamed. It’s a game! The magic spells in it are as real as the gold. Try retiring on that stuff” -Gygax. My sister often plays Dungeons & Dragons with me and one day she invited her friend to come along and enjoy it with her. Also sitting in the car was her friend’s Grandparents who proceeded to tell my sister that this game is evil and shouldn’t be played. It’s a Role-Playing GAME, not anything evil. I can’t believe that people still believe this junk. Oh well, i’ll just sit here with my satanist friends as we play our evil game sanctioned by the school and the teachers in it.


Oh boy what an exciting afternoon, for the past couple months I’ve been directing a play called “Action News, Now With 10% More Action.” Ill be the one to say its been a doozy, we had our first performance today and I was not expecting the turnout we had. I was expecting roughly 10-15 people, instead we had nearly 35. There was a lot of nervousness going around and there was a couple slip ups on lines, not to mention that one of our cast didn’t show up, but overall it was a really fun time and experience. Now we just have to survive through the all school performance in front of like 200 students…


Today I found out a bit about the “oh so wonderful” FERPA laws. On paper it’s a great idea, disallow discrimination for students with bad grades; but when you apply it to everything in school it gets a bit funky. Our school has terrible motivation, possibly because we live in a tiny little town where all there is to do are: stay home, work, go to the 1 gym. Great options we have here, I’m guessing at least 1/8th of our students do drugs. Back to the topic, due to this lack of all around motivation students don’t feel the need to do their homework. This makes for one of the largest amounts of failing grades ive ever seen (other than Detroit). I was thinking about ways to increase said motivation, one possible idea is the oldest one known to man, incentives. An example would be that during the end of the year we rent out a couple theaters in our local movie theater and send all the students with good grades in. When talking to my advisor and the school principal I found out that this a big no can do. Here’s a bit how the conversation went.

Me: I have a good idea *says idea*
Principal: FERPA won’t allow us to do a trip like that because students that don’t have good grades would be here at the school
Me: Well what about sending a highly suggestive email to parents saying to keep their kids at home if they have bad grades.
Principal: Nope FERPA.

Really got to love this, oh well I’ll see what I can do with a petition and some thinking. Goodbye for now friends, see you tomorrow

My Weekend

What a better way to head this off than to describe my “exciting” weekend. Friday was school, which while holding a positive tone still had a sad little part to it. As everyone was preparing for Student Council elections our principal decides to get up on stage and give us a rather depressing speech on bullying followed by some too real student impromptu speeches about suicide. Gotta love it when depression kicks you in the teeth at school. Anyways several of my friends got elected to Student Council so we will have to see how this goes. Later that evening continuing on a high note was the Super Smash Bros Tournament. I’ve never played before so I didn’t do so great but oh well. My Grandparents picked me up and I went over to their house for a couple days to visit as well as listen to stories about chickens. On Sunday after being driven back into town I was home for about one and a half hours before i left for my friend’s house. After TWO HOURS of my friend’s mom getting lost getting to my friend’s brothers friends house (lost you yet?) we made it back and I was able to play some video games and prep for a humorous D&D campaign. It was a rather interesting experience as the group was consisting of the ladies man Mistanvir the Sorceror, Faen ta deg the holier-than-thou cleric, and Deez Nuts the halfling ranger that would only speak “Ha Got Eem.” Overall it was a good run for an adventure called “To Kill and Owlbear” even with the party hanging the wrong man. The following day I played some more video games before I had to leave. The car ride was absolute horror, for 30 minutes I was in a car with a staunch Hillary supporter as I’m sitting here as a Bernie supporter. GREAT FUN. Finally I was home… for 20 minutes. Then I left for a BBQ at my other grandparent’s house. Anyways it was a BBQ, I played some games and now I’m bored of typing so farewell my friends, see you tomorrow.

Interesting Prospects

Congratulations on stumbling head first into this mess of a site you may be wondering what exactly this is… to be fair I’m not quite sure either so welcome to the club. This will probably be a day to day blog of what happens in my life so it may be as interesting as my life is, or as dull. I’ll probably include some other random things so hang tight for those.