Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. I really tried to think of a funny Christmas joke but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well. Anyways

Anyways it’s been an odd Christmas, for many people it probably feels the same, but for me it just doesn’t feel quite right. Last year felt nothing like Christmas but thats for other reasons. This one just felt… odd. It was fairly regular other than the fact that I was the last one to wake up. Everyone must have gotten annoyed at me because I dare commit the atrocious crime of sleeping until 6.

On the other hand I did get some really neat stuff for my last Christmas at home. Some of these things included a USB Russian keyboard so I can prepare for WW3, the 3 core books of dnd 5.0 (or dnd next if your that person), and a nice Chessex grid and wet erase markers.

It’s going to be interesting next year to see what happens because I’ll be moved away and while not that far I probably won’t be spending the night here.

Anyways here’s to a better 2017 and good health to all.

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