Ambition Cont.

Ambition is a funny thing, at first you think that you are going to go all the way and then it kind of just falls apart. There’s two parts to the making of a project; step 1 is coming up with an idea. This is where I excel, I can plan every detail up to the smallest point and can do research on the best ways to go about it and how to improve my method. But part 2 is hard, it’s the turning your idea into reality.

I could give many examples, Chess Club, Sorting MTG cards, puzzles, and of course this blog. Not to mention attempting to learn another language.

When I started it at the beginning of the summer i pictured it as something that I could write on every day and possibly get my friends to do something like this as well. However as the first week went by I found that all my friends had dropped out of it. I was the only one posting. I was able to make it another week before I gave up too.

So I’m going to make an early New Years resolution to start writing in this more often, whether it be daily, weekly, or simply at random times. I want to be able to look back at this and see something that I didn’t give up on.

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