Catchup: My Plans

When I was really young I wanted to be a video game designer. I pursued that for a while until I met a teacher that I now have. For some reason when he taught I wanted to listen and he had funny things to say, he also taught history. Because of this one teacher I decided that I wanted to become a Social Sciences teacher, this is not only history but other stuff such as psychology and human sciences. This teacher is the coolest person I have ever met and he has so many ideas for how to improve things, he is into alternative energy and lives in a house he built himself off the grid. Anyways he is really my inspiration for doing what I do. Back to me, I want to attend LCSC to get my Social Sciences with History Emphasis and Secondary Education Certification there. (Quite a mouthful) This is of course after I finish my current last high school year and start saving up money. I currently have about 3k saved up and I am going to be relying on scholarships and social security to get through my other years. I am currently taking some dual credit courses to get me some free credits. When I’m done with my degree and allotted practice teaching time I want to go back to my current High School and teach there. I hope that I can change kids lives like he changed mine.

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