Catchup: My Friends

I have some rather interesting people for friends. I’m going to tell you a bit about 3 of them. To protect their privacy and all that I’ll give them a letter to symbolize them.

J is my best friend and a huge nerd. I met him at the end of my 6th-grade year and he was terribly shy, not to say that he isn’t now, just more so. He came in with a broken arm and glasses pretty much the epitome of uncool, also not to mention his Justin Bieber haircut he has had since before then all the way up to current times. He has a bit of a hard time communicating through non-instant messaging ways but when he does communicate there he is the funniest guy I know. He is also into games such as XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and FTL, a real video game masochist if I’ve ever seen one. Anyways I’ve thought a lot about what my life would be without him and I’d have to say that I would be a completely different person, either becoming an artist or something with my friend A or becoming friends with the person I despise called T. Thanks for being there for me J.

The next person I want to talk about is my almost best friend A. He is a graphic designer/artist kind of person and we hang out a lot during breaks. He also works at the place I am currently applying too. He’s  a pretty neat guy and has a lot of ambition to do things. I’m hoping he can help me with my newest project of increasing student motivation this upcoming year. Anyways when I think about if he wasn’t in my life I would be the same as J. He was the person who has helped me come out of my shell and really want to do things outside of playing video games and writing. Thanks A for helping me become the person I am.

3rd on the list is my friend N, a really genuine guy who is interested in sports, cooking, and video games. He would normally be a really all around guy but he has an issue with ambition. He has been my inspiration for attempting to increase student motivation. I met him in my 6th-grade year and we became pretty immediate friends. For the past couple years my friends and I have been pushing for him to be more active in his academics. He really doesn’t care about anything unless he thinks it’s fun for him. He is in my Journalism class that I am the Editor of and it is a constant struggle getting him to turn in a single 500-word story. We are all worried about him when he gets out of High School and right now our only option is to push him hard enough that he gets his grades up to 2.0, get a job, and get accepted in LCSC with me and J. When I think about him not being in my life I can see me slacking off because even though I have a positive influence for my grades, I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without a negative one pushing me. This may not seem the nicest but N you are on of the nicest people I have ever met.

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