Magic the Gathering

First off I must have had a subconscious premonition yesterday because today I got some new graph paper and mechanical pencils. Second what’s with Magic the Gathering? The basic premise of the game is that you are a wizard with a certain amount of spells and you have to defeat one or more opponents card game style. I used to be big into this game, I got one of my first decks around 10th edition and I played consistently through Shadowmoor. This was because my parents owned a game store and I was allowed to get a couple new cards throughout the years. But when the store closed I lost interest for a while; I would often play games with my dad and various friends but I never got any new cards. By the time I came back to MTG all my cards were outdated and It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the growing amount of cards to stay standard legal. I was a bit confused when I went to a gaming convention in Seattle and after my friend and I started playing a match a man that we had been playing munchkin with came up and said “ah the accursed game.” I didn’t understand at first why someone thought that it was evil but looking back I can see it now. I think that Wizards should have more tournaments that are modern none of this standard stuff.

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