Graph Paper & Mechanical Pencils

These are some of my favorite things in the world, ever since I was in 3rd-grade I’ve loved making 3d looking drawings on paper such as a cube or a ball, but when I found graph paper I knew I found something special. Not only could I draw maps (for D&D) but I could draw my pretty little 3d art. While I am by no means an artist, seeing as all I can draw is a stickman on a 3d box, I like to think that I am a decent doodler. What’s really helped with this is Mechanical Pencils, the greatest thing to exist since regular pencils. I fell in love with these things at around my 6th-grade year and ever since then I’ve refused to use anything else, the fact that I never have to sharpen them is the best, and having the tiny lead is awesome. But the magic really comes together when you combine these two items, anything becomes possible and I’ve drawn some of my best “art” with the combination. Mostly it’s just little 3d cubes though.

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