I could go on and on about this topic but I just want to talk about a few things. First of is coworkers. I have a few coworkers that are really genuine people that actually care about their job and can do it well… but then there are the others. I swear that these people are the reasons people say our generation is the worst. These people expect to just show up at work, not do anything, and then expect a paycheck and a raise. I just want to fire all of them but unfortunately our current managers don’t care and those who do care are stuck just working their departments. In the 8-9 months that I’ve worked at this store I have only seen 1 person get fired… there are at least 3 people I could think of at any time that the store would be so much better without.

Next onto the customers. Surprisingly the customers that I end up talking with are extremely nice. There’s just the few oddballs, these are “Plaper” guy the guy who is incredibly un-hygienic and always asks for paper bags inside plastic bags, because saving the planet isn’t important; and then there is 14 loaves of bread lady. If you can’t guess why we call her that then there is definitely something wrong with you.

Anyways the job is nice though, I get paid decently and although I have to work inside of a fridge during the cold winter it’s great. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with some of these people.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. I really tried to think of a funny Christmas joke but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well. Anyways

Anyways it’s been an odd Christmas, for many people it probably feels the same, but for me it just doesn’t feel quite right. Last year felt nothing like Christmas but thats for other reasons. This one just felt… odd. It was fairly regular other than the fact that I was the last one to wake up. Everyone must have gotten annoyed at me because I dare commit the atrocious crime of sleeping until 6.

On the other hand I did get some really neat stuff for my last Christmas at home. Some of these things included a USB Russian keyboard so I can prepare for WW3, the 3 core books of dnd 5.0 (or dnd next if your that person), and a nice Chessex grid and wet erase markers.

It’s going to be interesting next year to see what happens because I’ll be moved away and while not that far I probably won’t be spending the night here.

Anyways here’s to a better 2017 and good health to all.

Ambition Cont.

Ambition is a funny thing, at first you think that you are going to go all the way and then it kind of just falls apart. There’s two parts to the making of a project; step 1 is coming up with an idea. This is where I excel, I can plan every detail up to the smallest point and can do research on the best ways to go about it and how to improve my method. But part 2 is hard, it’s the turning your idea into reality.

I could give many examples, Chess Club, Sorting MTG cards, puzzles, and of course this blog. Not to mention attempting to learn another language.

When I started it at the beginning of the summer i pictured it as something that I could write on every day and possibly get my friends to do something like this as well. However as the first week went by I found that all my friends had dropped out of it. I was the only one posting. I was able to make it another week before I gave up too.

So I’m going to make an early New Years resolution to start writing in this more often, whether it be daily, weekly, or simply at random times. I want to be able to look back at this and see something that I didn’t give up on.

Catchup: My Plans

When I was really young I wanted to be a video game designer. I pursued that for a while until I met a teacher that I now have. For some reason when he taught I wanted to listen and he had funny things to say, he also taught history. Because of this one teacher I decided that I wanted to become a Social Sciences teacher, this is not only history but other stuff such as psychology and human sciences. This teacher is the coolest person I have ever met and he has so many ideas for how to improve things, he is into alternative energy and lives in a house he built himself off the grid. Anyways he is really my inspiration for doing what I do. Back to me, I want to attend LCSC to get my Social Sciences with History Emphasis and Secondary Education Certification there. (Quite a mouthful) This is of course after I finish my current last high school year and start saving up money. I currently have about 3k saved up and I am going to be relying on scholarships and social security to get through my other years. I am currently taking some dual credit courses to get me some free credits. When I’m done with my degree and allotted practice teaching time I want to go back to my current High School and teach there. I hope that I can change kids lives like he changed mine.

Catchup: My Friends

I have some rather interesting people for friends. I’m going to tell you a bit about 3 of them. To protect their privacy and all that I’ll give them a letter to symbolize them.

J is my best friend and a huge nerd. I met him at the end of my 6th-grade year and he was terribly shy, not to say that he isn’t now, just more so. He came in with a broken arm and glasses pretty much the epitome of uncool, also not to mention his Justin Bieber haircut he has had since before then all the way up to current times. He has a bit of a hard time communicating through non-instant messaging ways but when he does communicate there he is the funniest guy I know. He is also into games such as XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and FTL, a real video game masochist if I’ve ever seen one. Anyways I’ve thought a lot about what my life would be without him and I’d have to say that I would be a completely different person, either becoming an artist or something with my friend A or becoming friends with the person I despise called T. Thanks for being there for me J.

The next person I want to talk about is my almost best friend A. He is a graphic designer/artist kind of person and we hang out a lot during breaks. He also works at the place I am currently applying too. He’s  a pretty neat guy and has a lot of ambition to do things. I’m hoping he can help me with my newest project of increasing student motivation this upcoming year. Anyways when I think about if he wasn’t in my life I would be the same as J. He was the person who has helped me come out of my shell and really want to do things outside of playing video games and writing. Thanks A for helping me become the person I am.

3rd on the list is my friend N, a really genuine guy who is interested in sports, cooking, and video games. He would normally be a really all around guy but he has an issue with ambition. He has been my inspiration for attempting to increase student motivation. I met him in my 6th-grade year and we became pretty immediate friends. For the past couple years my friends and I have been pushing for him to be more active in his academics. He really doesn’t care about anything unless he thinks it’s fun for him. He is in my Journalism class that I am the Editor of and it is a constant struggle getting him to turn in a single 500-word story. We are all worried about him when he gets out of High School and right now our only option is to push him hard enough that he gets his grades up to 2.0, get a job, and get accepted in LCSC with me and J. When I think about him not being in my life I can see me slacking off because even though I have a positive influence for my grades, I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without a negative one pushing me. This may not seem the nicest but N you are on of the nicest people I have ever met.


I find it hilarious how my last post was titled ambition yet I didn’t update for like 5 days. Well that’s all gonna change, I have a couple good ideas for some posts and I’m going to catch up on all 4/5 of them tomorrow when I wake up. Although I don’t necessarily feel bad for doing this because no one reads this anyways. But oh well I’ll see all you fine imaginary people tomorrow.


Sorry for not posting yesterday, I got a bit lazy and sucked into the 6th season of Game of Thrones. Anyways I want to talk a little bit about ambition and motivation. It’s the little things that get to you, such as a comment here, a blame there, a little brag here, that really makes us not care anymore. And what can you do about not caring, if you don’t care than you don’t care to do anything about it; and that’s why I keep writing these posts even though I know absolutely no one reads them, and this is because of motivation. In order to care about anything I have to have a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to go to school, and a reason to aspire to be something better. When my mom passed in December I had a hard time finding a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to go out there and show my friends and the world how great I can be. There was a dark time where I didn’t think that I needed to be here and it would be better if i just left. If it wasn’t for ambition I wouldn’t be here. I decided that I need to go out there and be there for people who need someone by their side, I listen to all their petty bullshit about how their life is awful and no one pays them any attention and I be there for them. I put on my big smiling, grinning, charismatic facade each and every day to help people because I know what it feels like to be there and I don’t want anyone to have to feel the way I did. Because of things like student council, game club and D&D, journalism, and finally my best friends that keeps me caring, as well as this odd little thing I call a blog.

Hotel California

I love this song, almost to an extreme, it’s so catchy and meaningful. Before I continue I should say that this is my interpretation of the song and you can have whatever opinion you want on it. Come to think that should be a rule for all my posts. Anyways what I truly think this song is about is love. So many things in the song can be an analogy for it. For example, take the feast scene “They stab it with their steely knives but just can’t kill the beast.” This is an analogy for people either wanting to get away from love or get more of it and just can’t succeed. The whole hotel is an analogy for love. Plus it’s California, while never living there I’m just gonna guess there’s a lot of love going on in Cali. Anyways it’s my favorite song hands down.

Magic the Gathering

First off I must have had a subconscious premonition yesterday because today I got some new graph paper and mechanical pencils. Second what’s with Magic the Gathering? The basic premise of the game is that you are a wizard with a certain amount of spells and you have to defeat one or more opponents card game style. I used to be big into this game, I got one of my first decks around 10th edition and I played consistently through Shadowmoor. This was because my parents owned a game store and I was allowed to get a couple new cards throughout the years. But when the store closed I lost interest for a while; I would often play games with my dad and various friends but I never got any new cards. By the time I came back to MTG all my cards were outdated and It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the growing amount of cards to stay standard legal. I was a bit confused when I went to a gaming convention in Seattle and after my friend and I started playing a match a man that we had been playing munchkin with came up and said “ah the accursed game.” I didn’t understand at first why someone thought that it was evil but looking back I can see it now. I think that Wizards should have more tournaments that are modern none of this standard stuff.

Graph Paper & Mechanical Pencils

These are some of my favorite things in the world, ever since I was in 3rd-grade I’ve loved making 3d looking drawings on paper such as a cube or a ball, but when I found graph paper I knew I found something special. Not only could I draw maps (for D&D) but I could draw my pretty little 3d art. While I am by no means an artist, seeing as all I can draw is a stickman on a 3d box, I like to think that I am a decent doodler. What’s really helped with this is Mechanical Pencils, the greatest thing to exist since regular pencils. I fell in love with these things at around my 6th-grade year and ever since then I’ve refused to use anything else, the fact that I never have to sharpen them is the best, and having the tiny lead is awesome. But the magic really comes together when you combine these two items, anything becomes possible and I’ve drawn some of my best “art” with the combination. Mostly it’s just little 3d cubes though.